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Contemporary Women's Photography

My name is Lucia Harmon and I am a portrait photographer. There are so many layers to being beautiful and every one of them exist inside you. I want to invite you to a personal session with me and it will make you change the way you see yourself.

Most of us have not had a professional photograph taken of ourselves in a very long time. It’s like after we reach a certain age we forget that we are still beautiful, sexy, and worth celebrating. These pictures celebrate and showcase your beauty right where you are; no matter your age, weight or whatever you think needs fixing.

The reality is you are pretty just the way you are now. What we see when we look in the mirror is not the same face our loved ones see. They see us. That person they love and that person who is important to them in life. They are not picking out all of our flaws that we see when we look in the mirror and look at pictures of ourselves.

Your session will include a pre-consultation where we will discuss how you wish to be photographed, what styling you would like to receive, what outfits will enhance your features, and about designing a custom collection to display your beautiful images. On the day of your session, you will enjoy this day of pampering by receiving professional hair & makeup, wardrobe styling, and up to a 2 hour photo shoot. Two weeks after your photo shoot you will have a private reveal & purchasing session to see your beautiful portraits finished, printed and ready to take home.

Contact me to schedule your complimentary consultation to discuss how you have always dreamed of being photographed.