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Raves - What Our Clients Are Saying

Eileen - Senior, Wes Anderson Fan, President of Jane Austin Club

Having my senior pictures done with Lucia Harmon Photography is one of the most fun days I've had! I really got to express myself yet also be pleasantly surprised. Lucia really understood my personality and her thoughtfulness and insight is apparent in her photography. I have gotten so many compliments on my photos and I'm so glad that I will have these memories forever. This was a great experience that I'd highly recommend!

Maddy - Sixteen, Student, Musician

I had one of the best days I could hope for at Lucia Harmon Photography being photographed in vintage clothing that Lucia has available for styling. She captured my inner and outer beauty. After hair and make up, I browsed the dresses and chose a few to be photographed in. I really appreciated the attention to detail and the fun I had in being photographed. I felt spoiled and enchanted by all the attention to pampering me and in posing, encouragement, and personal attention. It was so much fun and I get to have gorgeous pictures to show my friends and family! I could not ask for more. Thank you again!!!!!!

Norma - Mother and Volunteer Extraordinaire

I am so grateful for the awesome experience that I had at Lucia Harmon’s studio in Newport, Kentucky. I’m an introvert and normally not comfortable getting my picture taken, but right away Lucia put me at ease. Before the photo shoot she gave me great ideas for outfits and jewelry. She spent hours with me on makeup and hair, and taught me how to move and pose. Her expertise in light, shadow and color were impressive, demonstrating her passion for capturing beauty. It was truly a timeless moment, a wonderful experience that I will never forget.

Sarah - Realtor, Mother, Knitter, Yogi

I needed photographs to help with personal branding for my new business. Lucia understood immediately what I was looking for--branding that was both professional and still felt like "me." Lucia's warm and welcoming personality put me at ease right away, and because of that, she was able to capture my real smile. The session was very fun. I now have a wide range of professional photographs to choose from, from head shots, to poses perfect for marketing, to fun shots my family loves. She turned a process I saw originally as just a necessity into an wonderful experience that has given me a lot of confidence going forward. I highly recommend her, especially if you are looking to update your personal branding for business.

Annette - Professional Singer, Entrepreneur, Mother

Lucia was wonderful to work with and made me feel at ease immediately. I'm typically unphotogenic and not really comfortable being photographed. Lucia got numerous good shots of me that I'm thrilled with that let my personality come through. I didn't know getting my picture taken could be so fun!

Karen R. Wayne - Business Owner, Pilates Instructor

My experience with Lucia at her studio was wonderful! I knew that the experience of the session was equally important to her and her team as the actual finished product. Her talent seemed natural and second nature! A memorable treasure for me! I am so pleased with her finished product!

Savannah - New Mother, Fabulous Bartender

Let me just say I can be very "particular" about how I'm photographed. Obviously I know I'm not a celebrity or anyone of public importance but I think everyone knows (and values) their best angle. Whenever someone is photographed, they try to make sure that their essence is captured , that their soul shines through, and most importantly that they look like themselves at their best. It's rare to find a photographer who can possesses the knowledge and skill to execute "capturing my best side" at 9 months pregnant, but Lucia Harmon did. Not only was she able to do so, but she did it with ease. She even managed to make my fiancé, Andrew, feel comfortable enough to make jokes which allowed her to capture beautiful candid moments. I would highly recommend Lucia to anyone who is comfortable or uncomfortable with having their picture taken. Her cozy studio will make you feel at home and her (and her team's) relaxed demeanor will make sure your "best side" is photographed and eventually displayed in the best way possible. Thanks, Lucia!

Martha Olberding - Mother of Senior

Lucia was amazing! Teddy felt right at home. The photos came out perfectly, reflecting his personality. Thank you Lucia and Scott! May our paths cross again.

Maureen - Mother, Painter, Traveler

Lucia really can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear! Up until she photographed me, I pretty much cringed at pictures of myself. But Lucia doesn't just get a good shot; she captures your essence so that in your final product you see yourself through the same lens as those who love you see you.

Teri - Writer, Web Content Developer, Educator, Mom

Nothing new here - I was not looking forward to a portrait session. But the job search demanded it - every site wants a photo. Not to fear though - Lucia and her team bridged professionalism and comfort to create an engaging, fun and even a bit inspiring photo session. Lucia is truly interested in capturing you whether it's for a professional image or for family. She gives professional but honest feedback to get it what you're all looking for and she's successful at getting just the right image. I never thought I could look so good. The best compliment? "You've got the best Linkedin profile picture I've ever seen!" Thanks Lucia.

Jesselee - Actor, Costumer, Mother

After my session with Lucia, I really wanted to see and show off my photos. What was an incredible experience of pampering and artistry, became the gift of some beautiful photos to share with my friends and family and treasure personally forever. Thanks, Lucia for seeing the beauty in me and helping me realize it for myself!

Sonya - Teacher, Mother, Artist

Lucia is a great photographer to work with because she is relaxed and fun. I would recommend her to anyone!

Melissa Farwick Carlson - Mother of Senior

What an amazing time getting senior pictures taken! Lucia definitely has a vision and it brought out the very best!!!

Keisha Leonard - Mother and Massage Therapist

Lucia made me feel like a beautiful goddess! What a fun, relaxed environment with amazing talent that produced perfect maternity portraits that I will cherish always! Thanks Lucia!